The benefits of long-term protection

16th August 2017

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Part three of our three part Blog series with ADEY Professional Heating Solutions examines the benefits of long-term protection of boilers. Our first blog article provided a product spotlight on ADEY’s MagnaCleanse® technology which is now being applied to system cleaning throughout the UK and Europe with phenomenal success and our second blog looked at system cleansing and power-flushing.


The benefits of long-term protection

Some boiler warranties are now offering up to a decade of protection but many homeowners don’t realise that without an annual service and effective water treatment programme, this cover could become invalid. Plumbmaster have join forces with ADEY to share insights that installers can use to encourage customers to invest in ongoing system maintenance.

A recent survey of 2,000 homeowners commissioned by ADEY revealed that 43% have a boiler aged between just one and five years old. However, 28% said they hadn’t had a boiler service in the last 12 months, and 17% claimed they hadn’t booked a service because their boiler isn’t very old.

As experts in water treatment, it’s easy for us to question the decision these homeowners are making but set against the broader economic backdrop where 37% of people in the UK are thought to be ‘just about managing’, it becomes easier to understand why many people may not want to pay out for something they’re not legally bound to have. As such, our survey also found that more than 20% of respondents thought a service was too expensive, and just under 10% said they didn’t see the point or benefit in having one.

Yet the cycle of ongoing heating protection and maintenance, which starts with an annual boiler service, is a key factor in keeping any warranty or insurance intact as well as delivering additional long-term cost-savings.

It’s evident that few homeowners know the facts so as a leading manufacturer, we want to ensure that installers are armed with information that will help their customers to make a truly informed decision when it comes to investing in heating system care. For example, installers can help prove that long-term protection can be much more cost-effective in the long-run, making greater financial sense. Which? advises that an annual boiler service should cost around £72 and take no less than half an hour. In comparison, the average cost to repair a broken-down boiler is estimated to be between £150-£320.


Managing magnetite

According to Which? almost half of new gas combi boilers will develop a problem in their first six years. ADEY’s research found that 37% of homeowners are currently experiencing issues with their heating system including noisy pipework, cold spots on radiators, loss of pressure, low and inconsistent heat levels and slow operation.

Those who perhaps haven’t read the small print and assume these issues will be covered by their boiler warranty, but decided not to have an annual boiler service, should be encouraged to think again. All of these symptoms are indicative that there could be a build-up of damaging black sludge in the system. Black iron oxide sludge or magnetite contributes around 95% of system debris and is the number one cause of heating system problems by a significant margin.

The warranties offered by most major boiler manufacturers usually stipulate that damage caused by hard water scale deposits or sludge resulting from corrosion won’t be covered. This is why many now recommend that a magnetic filter is fitted with every new boiler installed.

However, because of the very small particle size, truly effective filtration can only be achieved by using a filtration method that will work no matter what the size of particles. This is why many boiler manufacturers and installers recommend MagnaClean, because we’ve worked hard to ensure they succeed where other filtration methods fail to capture the finest particles.

It’s unlikely that all homeowners will want to know exactly what a magnetic filter does and how it works but we’re confident that the key benefits brought by installing an effective and proven magnetic filter will interest them. For example, by collecting and removing magnetite from a system, our filters will reduce energy bills by up to 6% year on year, extend the boiler lifespan beyond the average 12-15 years and protect a system against breakdown and the associated repair costs.


Maintaining water quality

To maintain optimum system health, experienced installers will also understand the importance of using water treatment chemicals to ensure the good quality of water circulating around the heating system. Yet while chemicals, system cleaners and inhibitors have been used extensively for half a century, it was ADEY that identified the importance of developing new formulas designed to work in tandem with magnetic filters for more effective performance. This innovation was recognised this year with a Queen’s Award for Enterprise.

In the decades where investment in chemical innovation had stagnated, it’s perhaps understandable (but detrimental) that chemical water treatment had become a ‘fit and forget’ solution. Now, the advances we’ve made in easy and accurate water testing, as well as chemical products designed to get to work rapidly within a heating system in minutes, are helping installers to take the more proactive approach to dosing that’s needed.

Together, high-performing filters and premium water treatment chemicals provide integrated protection and improved performance over the lifetime of the system. This is also central to ADEY’s industry award-winning approach to best practice and their strong relationship with Plumbmaster.



By bringing together exceptional expertise, ADEY have underpinned the development of water treatment chemicals with the most technically advanced research laboratories in the industry at their Research Centre in Kent. This facility is the only UKAS accredited laboratory in the UK serving the heating sector. It is dedicated to ongoing product development, investigating and delivering advances in chemical performance, and is home to the water testing service we provide for customers.

ADEY have invested in these developments as they believe in providing installers with the best tools that will safeguard the health of heating systems by improving water quality, removing damaging sludge and preventing breakdown. In turn, it also makes clear financial sense for homeowners, saving money on bills, reducing the need for costly emergency repairs, protecting warranties and insurance, and cutting household carbon emissions.

For more information on how ADEY’s MagnaCleanse® technology can be applied to assist your customers long-term protection, please do not hesitate to contact your local Plumbmaster branch.