Effect Heavy Rain Has On Plumbing

28th October 2019

As we approach the Winter months, the weather is getting worse and our rainfall is increasing.

Heavy rain can cause the ground to soften, and as a result the pipes under the ground can shift in the soil, bending and even cracking. The build up of moisture in the soil can also put additional stress on pipes, this pressure alone can cause a lot of damage, particularly to pipes that are old or have been damaged from previous rainfall.

In this blog we’re going to take a look at some of the effects that heavy rainfall can have on plumbing, and why as a plumber you should be aware of these problems coming into the rainy season.


1.) Ruptured Pipes

The softened ground from heavy rainfall turns the soil to mud and in turn gives the pipes room to shift around. The extra pressure they are having to withstand can cause the pipes to rupture and the extra rainwater flowing through the pipes can be so intense it can cause the pipes to crack.


2.) Blocked Pipes

Heavy rain can cause debris to be carried into your drainpipes, causing blockages. Tree roots can also expand after heavy rain and block off drainage areas or even pierce pipes. Make sure to clear drains and gutters periodically to keep them clear. If pipes have ruptured from the stress of pressure from wet soil, these cracks can allow debris to enter the pipes and cause further blockages. Blocked up pipes within the home can cause issues such as damp basements and the formation of mould.


3.) Flooding

A detrimental affect on plumbing when water has nowhere to go. This can be prevented by ensuring gutters are not clogged with leaves and other debris. If rain cannot travel along through the pipes, it will start to back up and the increased weight poses the risk of the pipe collapsing under the pressure.


Make sure you encourage your customers at this time of year to keep their plumbing safe by clearing any gutters and drains of leaves and debris to prevent them getting blocked. It’s smart to have plumbing checked periodically to ensure any damage is dealt with before it becomes a time-consuming and costly affair.

For more information on the effects of heavy rain on plumbing and for helpful advice, call into your local Plumbmaster branch where one of our experts will be more than happy to help you.