01st November 2017

Designer radiators: Striking the right balance

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Homeowners adore their radiators, especially during the winter season; they keep them warm and comfortable regardless of the temperatures and  … Read more

16th August 2017

The benefits of long-term protection

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Part three of our three part Blog series with ADEY Professional Heating Solutions examines the benefits of long-term protection of  … Read more

27th July 2017

Feel the Force of System Cleansing

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As part two of our three part Blog with ADEY Professional Heating Solutions we are looking at system cleansing and  … Read more

26th June 2017

Product Spotlight: ADEY MagnaCleanse Technology

Product Spotlight

The introduction of ADEY’s magnetic filtration more than ten years ago revolutionised central heating system maintenance and ADEY’s MagnaCleanse® technology  … Read more