29th May 2017

ERP Certification Explained

Trade News

The ERP (Energy Related Products) Certificate is a regulation by the European Union that came into force in  … Read more

13th April 2017

Product Spotlight: Warmflow Eco Combi Boilers

Product Spotlight

The latest innovation from Warmflow, the new Eco Combi range of boilers, is set to become the benchmark for oil-fired  … Read more

15th March 2017

The Pros & Cons of Underfloor Heating

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As we all seek to cut down on our utility bills while keeping our homes warm, underfloor heating  … Read more

10th March 2017

How much do you know about World Plumbing Day?

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When you hear the words World Plumbing Day, are you asking yourself, ‘Do I need to send my plumber a  … Read more