Product Spotlight: Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks

16th April 2019

Product Spotlight

This month at Plumbmaster, we’re putting Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks in the spotlight. In 2015, new regulations were introduced that require all oil storage tanks over 200 litres to be stored in a bunded tank. So, why should you recommend a Harlequin Bunded Oil Tank to your customers?

For many homeowners, particularly those living in the country, oil is still the fuel of choice. As single skin tanks are now a criminal offence, it is essential you are promoting quality tanks for your customers. Harlequin are leading suppliers of oil tanks and are able to provide a huge range of tank sizes, making them suitable for every installation possibility.

Here are some of Harlequin’s Bunded Oil Tanks’ Top Benefits:

  • All tanks are bunded to protect the environment from pollution if the internal tank was ever to leak.
  • They are non-corrosive thanks to being manufactured from Medium Density Polyethylene.
  • They meet all regulations.
  • They are contents monitoring as each tank has a 32mm hole suitable for fitting an electronic gauge (the gauge comes as standard with ITE and ITT models).
  • The most secure oil tank on the market. Lockable at both fill and inspection points.
  • Manufactured with UV inhibitors preventing fuel degradation from the sun.
  • Upon registering with Harlequin there is a 10 Year Guarantee, guaranteeing peace of mind.

The electronic gauge we have made reference to is the Apollo gauge. This gauge comes with a tank mounted transmitter unit and a plug in receiver unit, along with a bottom outlet kit. The transmitter is able to constantly check the level in the tank and transmits this information to be displayed on an LCD screen for your customers to check.

The Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks are available from 350 litres up to 10,000 litres, and are suitable for the following types of fuel:

  • Kerosene (C1/C2)
  • Agriculture Fuel Oil (A2)
  • Diesel (D)
  • Home Heating Oil
  • BioDiesel blends manufactured in accordance with the requirements of British Standard BS EN14214 and Irish Standard IS EN14214.

Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks have an OFCERT license from OFTEC, who promote high standards in the heating industries. The oil tank should be inspected annually, keeping in mind that the average life expectancy of an oil tank is 20 years.

We’re proud to be suppliers of Harlequin Bunded Oil Tanks and would be happy to give you more information on their products. Click on “Contact Us” to get in touch, or call in to speak to one of our experts at your local Plumbmaster branch.