Product Spotlight: QRL Radiators

15th November 2017

Product Spotlight

For more than 40 years, QRL radiators have been the choice for millions of homes and businesses across the UK and Ireland. From the Design by QRL range right through to the flagship Hi-Lo panel radiators, QRL are committed to making people, homes and businesses warmer. For this reason, Plumbmaster have developed a great working relationship and promote QRL as our main Radiator Supplier.

When choosing a designer radiator for your customer, QRL understand that it is about more than just heat: it’s a reflection of a person’s personality. As well as keeping homes warm and comfortable, with the right design, a radiator can inject colour, style and character into any space – and with the strong relationship with QRL , and Plumbmaster,  we’re here to help make sure that your choice is the better choice..


QRL developed the Design by QRL range to provide options for everyone, in every room; but it doesn’t stop there.  Quality is at the heart of every QRL Radiator – so underneath their exterior, designer radiators are engineered to perform at the highest possible level.  This means your customers benefits from the same exceptional heat output and efficiency you would expect from any QRL product.

Their extensive range has something to match every budget, for a designer look without the designer price tag, all with the peace of mind of having a ten-year warranty across all their products.

Style and Inspiration

Looking for clean lines or serene curves? traditional or modern? columns or panels? horizontal or vertical? Whatever size or shape you’re looking for, it’s easy to find a radiator that’s not only sized to fit the needs of each room, but that’s also an extension of your customers own style.  Opting for a design radiator can also help free up valuable space, giving more flexibility and freedom when it comes to room layout. e.g  vertical models are ideal for creating maximum impact in a small space.

Here’s about a little more about the range:

The Slieve offers a modern, sleek design with outstanding outputs for the perfect combination of style and performance. The Adagio’s clean lines and finish makes it a truly contemporary column radiator, while the Forza multicolumn radiator is perfect for the classic interiors. The last one of the feature range is the eye-catching Plaza, a contemporary tube-on-tube radiator.

The range also include Premium panel radiators such as the Compla, with it perfectly smooth flat front and the Ligna, with its grooved front, bridging the gap between the traditional panel and the designer radiator. The range is complemented by a selection of two towel radiators, the Topaz and Pearl, available in all colours and two towel warmers the Crystal and Adriana available in chrome.

Adding a little Colour

A little bit of colour can magically brighten up a room and what better way to complement interior décor than with colourful radiators? Whether they want to keep things simple and classic or make a bold statement, with QRL’s extensive 180 ­colour palette, you can rest assured that they will be able to provide the right match.   To make the selection process even easier, there is also a special colour range, featuring 9 of the most popular shades and finishes for effortless style without the fuss

With a large range of colours to help your customer get exactly what they want from a radiator and all delivered within realistic and prompt timelines, Plumbmaster and QRL have the relationship to deliver all your needs.

For more information please contact your local Plumbmaster Branch.


For a chance to WIN a voucher for any one off Design by Barlo designer radiators with a heat output of up to 5000 BTU/Hr, simply answer the following question:

“How many years warranty comes with QRL Designer Radiators?”

A: 5 Years   B: 10 Years   or   C: 15 Years

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