Take Care Of Your Boiler Over Winter

29th November 2019

Your boiler is a vital part of your home, and at no other time of the year does it play such an important role than during Winter. Servicing a boiler takes approximately 30 minutes, and it is generally recommended you do this once a year to keep your boiler in peak working condition.

The main reasons for servicing your boiler are for safety and efficiency. The engineer will ensure there are no carbon monoxide leaks and that your boiler is working safely, while also ensuring all components are in the best possible condition and allowing your machine to work efficiently without wasting any of your fuel.

Getting your boiler serviced is a money-saving opportunity also: by spotting any potential issues and getting them resolved long before they become more serious saves you from costly repairs – or even a boiler replacement.

So, what does a boiler inspection consist of?

There will initially be a visual inspection to ensure your boiler meets all standards and that there are no leaks and corrosions. Interior components will then also be checked, along with the flue to ensure it is safely fitted. The gas pressure will be checked, before finally firing up the boiler to allow the engineer to check for any working faults.

Winter can be a very busy time for engineers, so we often recommend if possible to get your boiler checked before then. This way you can be assured your boiler is ready to heat your home come Christmas.

Most boilers will come with a warranty, however this warranty is often only valid if you get your boiler serviced every year.

Remember, if you are a landlord, your tenants’ safety is your responsibility and you are required by law to have annual gas safety checks. Make sure to always check an engineer’s id before they start to carry out any work on your boiler.

One of our leading suppliers: Worcester, has put together a helpful 5 step Winter Check:

If there is any further information you would like regarding keeping your boiler in top condition for Winter, or a list of registered engineers, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. You are welcome to call in to your local Plumbmaster branch, where our experts will be happy to help.